There are many reasons why a jury trial conviction or court ruling might be appealed to a higher court. Ineffective assistance of trial counsel, reversible error by the Judge, or even newly discovered evidence are just the tip of the appeals iceberg. You have the right to criminal appeals, but time is a serious factor in this decision. Whether you’re wanting to stay the judgment and sentence, or want to attempt to undo a conviction, criminal appeals to the higher courts might be your last recourse.

You usually have a limited amount of time to appeal. You need an attorney that can act fast and has experience with complex appellate issues. The Law Office of Dillon G. Smith has navigated a plethora of issues in this regard and knows what to look for. If you have questions about a specific ruling or a recent outcome in your case and you feel it deserves a second look, call The Law Office of Dillon G. Smith today for a free consultation.

Act now before your time is up.