Civil Protection Orders

Whether you are the Petitioner or the Respondent in a Domestic Violence, Anti-Harassment, Sexual Assault or Vulnerable Adult type of Civil Protection Order case you need an attorney to assist you in showing your position to the Judge. The Judges in these cases will hear both sides, look at evidence presented and then make a determination which way they go. Having an experienced attorney at your side during this process may very well determine whether or not the Judge grants or denies the request for a protection order. In any case, The Law Office of Dillon G. Smith has experience and will fight to get the outcome you desire.

Traffic Tickets

Your little green ticket is a ticking time bomb, do not delay. Do not pay the ticket without quickly consulting this office. Do not pay more in insurance premiums, do not let your license get suspended. This office will help you get the best possible outcome to your infraction ordeal.

With a convenient location on Elliott Avenue and experience working with the infraction prosecutor, The Law Office of Dillon G. Smith wants to help you with all your infractions in and around Seattle. The Law Office of Dillon G. Smith offers affordable, quality defense to get the best resolution to your traffic tickets. Call today for a FREE consultation.