DUI Charge FAQs

Q: If I’m convicted of DUI, will I have to do jail time?

A: A first DUI conviction comes with mandatory jail time, but can sometimes be converted to electronic home monitoring. Subsequent convictions only multiply the mandatory minimums.

Q: What happens to my license if I get arrested for DUI?

A: You have 20 days to request a hearing with the Department of Licensing, otherwise you waive your right to argue the arrest and your license will be suspended. These hearings are difficult to win. Having an attorney with experience argue at the DOL hearing is in your best interests.

Q: Can you get my DUI charge dismissed?

A: It is possible. There are so many factors that an experienced DUI attorney analyzes in every DUI case. Your actions on the date in question, coupled with the actions of officers involved provide a kind of blueprint for an attorney to work with. If a DUI charge cannot be dismissed immediately, the Office of Dillon G. Smith frequently gets DUI charges reduced or put on the path of eventual dismissal.

Q: Will I have to do alcohol treatment because of my DUI arrest?

A: It is likely that an alcohol/drug evaluation will be necessary. Their recommendation can range from a couple of classes to extensive and expensive treatment.


Q: Can I contact a protected party if they contact me first and invite it?

A: Absolutely NOT. There may be no contact whatsoever, even if invited. A 'No Contact Order Violation' is in itself a criminal offense. Do not ever contact the protected party ever when there is a 'No Contact Order' in place.

Q: He/She is lying. I didn’t do it. What can I do?

A: Unfortunately, this does happen. When the police show up and get mixed stories, they will often ‘determine’ who the primary aggressor is whether it’s true or not. Throughout these cases a favorable outcome might be reached with a prosecutor through negotiations, the ‘victim’ might decide not to cooperate with the case, or sometimes jury trials are the only viable option.



Q: If I’m convicted of a crime, will I have to spend time in jail?

A: Not necessarily. Some criminal convictions come with mandatory minimum jail sentences.

Q: Is marijuana legal in Washington State?

A: Federally, no. Also, under certain circumstances, one can still be criminally charged in courts within the state for possession/delivery/cultivation.

Q: I missed a court date and I think I might have a warrant, what can I do?

A: Call this office immediately so that an inquiry can be made. Our office can submit a motion to quash and proceed accordingly.

Q: What if I need to get bail?

A: There are a variety of options in Seattle and the surrounding areas, including All City Bail Bonds

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